Friday, October 26, 2012

My Royal Caribbean Cruise! Days 1 and 2

8 night Canada & New England Cruise
Enchantment of the Seas

Day one - Thursday Oct. 17

today's forecast: partly sunny 72 degrees
drink of the day: George Town Tea

We left mom's house at about 9:35. The traffic was not bad at all, Gerry (my future brother in-law) was our chauffeur. We decided to stop at
Bob Evans for lunch. Lunch was tasty and we had a great waiter named Femi. After our lunch, Gerry took us to Uncle Herb and Aunt Joyce's house. We were there with John and Joyce, (Aunt Joyce's niece
and her husband). The "limo" showed up and I was sort of surprised, it was an SUV, not a limo at all. We
could hardly get all of our luggage to fit. I took some motion sickness meds before riding to Aunt Joyce and Uncle Herb's because sometimes I do get carsick.
I'm glad I did, if not, I'm sure I would have lost all of my lunch on that so called limo! The ride was horrific! We finally got to the ship and got all checked in. Our room is nice but on the small side. We have a balcony. We had to go outside
and do the muster drill. They made sure that we all knew where the life boats and vests were and where to go if an
emergency should happen. After the drill we toured the boat to see what it was all about, we had a nice dinner and did a bit of shopping.
I won't be able to eat like this on the whole cruise or I will go home looking like Miss Piggy.
Mom relaxing (our first night)

Me enjoying a $ 9.25 Bloody Mary
I didn't drink too much on this vacation,
I'd go broke!
Day two – Friday Oct. 18

today's forecast: partly cloudy 73 degrees
drink of the day: Captain’s Bahama Mama

Sick people, a lot of sick people. The ocean must be angry, it sure is rocking this boat with her 10 ft. waves. I’m not taking a chance and took another motion sickness pill with breakfast.
We are really getting skilled at doing everyday things like putting our pants on, taking a shower, sitting on the toilet and walking.
These everyday things are not so easy to do in a rocking boat. All of the outdoor decks were closed and all of the outdoor
activities were canceled.
Mom and I went to breakfast and then went to the Boleros Lounge to watch the games.
We really liked the Flip Camera Scavenger Hunt and the trivia game. Mom came back to the cabin to take a nap.
While she rested, I went to the Internet Cafe and paid $35.00 for 30 minutes of time.
I was able to post a few things on Facebook, but I didn't post any pictures. The Internet here crawls and it's way to pricey!
The photographers that work on this ship keep taking our picture. We might have to break down and buy some.
We went to lunch, explored the ship and went to dinner, man oh man, I'm eating like a hog. After dinner
we went to a show, the show was very upbeat and entertaining. After the show, mom and I sat at the bar and enjoyed the
Evergreen Trio (a singing group that we enjoyed throughout the whole cruise). We went back to our cabin, got ready for bed and slept like babies being rocked gently to sleep.

Days 3 and 4 are on the way!
Thanks for reading, life is good........


The Odd Essay said...

I've taken to wearing those wrist bands with a "ball-bearing" looking thing on the pressure point of my wrist to help with motion sickness. I won't take the pills because I'd rather have a drink with dinner and I won't mix drugs and alcohol. I'm no good-two-shoes... just that my body reacts terribly to stuff like that. Anyway... we've gone on several cruises but not the one you're on. Sounds like a great one and one we'd like to do. Looking forward to the rest of the trip!

Bonnie said...

We did that cruise in 2009. I always get the "patches"for motion sickness on cruises. That cruise, we had one very rough day coming down from Boston - people were falling down and all of the outside doors were closed off. That is a very nice cruise and we didn't have to fly to get on it , we live near Baltimore and our daughter dropped us off at the cruise terminal.

Janice said...

We have been on the Enchantment of the Seas twice, once before they enlarged and once after. We also enjoyed the Evergreen Trio and got a kick out of hearing the female singer say the word "river" when singing Moon River. It sounded like Reever and we smiled each time. She has a beautiful voice though.

We tried Dramamine on our first cruise but found out too late that you can't drink alcohol when using it. Our second and third cruises we took ginger capsules, starting a day or two before the cruise. Very reasonably priced and just pick them up at the drug store or health food store. Enjoy your cruise!