Saturday, September 1, 2012

Working A Ton Of Hours………

………..But meeting some very interesting people.

I know I’ve haven’t posted in quite a while.  I have been a very busy person working many, many hours.  I love both of my jobs, here at the Hagerstown KOA campground and my retail job in the mall.

Working at the campground is so much fun, I get to meet people and answer the phone. The phone calls are sometimes crazy. The other day I had someone call and ask if we had any campsites where you could see the sun rise or set. 
What the heck?  I don’t know about you, but if you are outside at the right time and it’s not cloudy or raining can’t you see the sun rise or set no matter where you are?  I mean our campground is not in a cave.

Nevertheless, I told them that we had beautiful sunsets and sunrises, and we do.  The other phone call I had was someone asking me if we had dirt at our campground.  I’m sorry, but if you are outside, wouldn't you have dirt?   We are a campground for heavens sake. A campground is outside, and yes we do have dirt.

We are a clean campground (we work hard at keeping it clean), but you will see dirt in our gardens and when you go outside.
I sometimes wonder why these people want to be brave and go outside and camp.

At my other job in the mall  we get some crazy phone calls as well.  The other day I had a lady call to ask about bras.  She had a certain size, color and  brand that she wanted. She wanted to know how much it would be if she bought six of them.  I told her that we did not have six of the bras that she wanted and that we would be happy to order what we did not have. (it was an unusual size and color). She said that was ok, and again wanted to know how much it would be to buy.  I told her the price and she was happy.

Later in the day, this lady came into the store and said “hi I talked to you on the phone” she pulled up her shirt and said look at this bra! Mind you, we do have dressing rooms. She did this in the middle of the store. We did manage to take care of her.

Tonight was the whopper of all stories.  I was ringing up a customer who was buying some beautiful lingerie. This customer was a very interesting customer, he was wearing a women's top, and a denim  skirt. As I was ringing him up, he told me that he was shopping for his wife.  I told him that he picked out some wonderful teddies for her.

I didn’t know until later that he actually tried the lingerie on in one of our dressing rooms.
Que Sera, Sera, Whatever Will Be, Will Be, the future's not ours, to see
Que Sera, Sera………

crazy gail

As you can clearly see, I’ve been a very busy lady.  Isn’t life great?

Thanks for reading, life is good.................

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Jessica and Harry said...

Wow. LOL!! You should definitely keep track of these stories - you may be able to write a book and retire!!