Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why I Blog!

I started blogging when we were travelling.  Blogging was a great way to share our adventures with family and friends.  I remember when we were travelling, I would read other blogs and websites.  I thought, WOW! what a great idea! 

We are working our third season here at the Hagerstown KOA campground, and we are living here full time. 

As some of you may have noticed, I changed the title of my blog from Gail and TC’s Travels to Memoirs Of The TrailerHood.  That’s because we aren’t travelling, we are actually living here in our motor home.

Living here at this campground is wonderful.  After travelling all over the country and living in Mexico, we have found our our own little paradise, right here in Maryland!  One day we will buy a home in this area.

I worked in the camp store last night and we had  a nice young couple come in the store that were interested in renting a monthly site.  After talking to the lady, I walked outside and her husband  asked if I was the Gail that worked at the mall here in Hagerstown, he then told me that he reads my blog. I was very excited to hear that!
The past few days, the weather has been unusually cool. It has been very breezy and dry and we had to issue a fire ban here at the campground. We actually have had the windows open which is very refreshing.

This weekend the heat and humidity  will be back in full force. It will be a great weekend to spend time at the pool. 
I’ll be working at the mall in the AC. Sad smile
My favorite time to go to the pool is in the middle of the week when I can have the pool to myself.

Next week will be a big week for us here at the campground.  The 4th of July is in the middle of the week which will make the weekend before and the weekend after very busy weekends for us. I’m looking forward to all of the fun.

In pool
Thanks for reading, life is good............


Carol and Kevin said...

This will be our first July 4th working at a campground. I think it will be like 3 weekends back to back here... Will see. The owner is already a nervous wreck!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I guess we all settle down sometime:) Do you have any special issues with the motorhome sitting all the time? I was always worried when we sat in any one place for two long and always felt compelled to exercise the MH.

Happytrails said...

Absolutely fantastic!! You are doing what you love and makes you happy....priceless!! I have lived in a house and a motorhome...I prefer the motorhome!! :-)