Thursday, June 21, 2012

OUCH, The First Day Of Summer Has Arrived!

Yesterday was the first day of summer for 2012.  Yesterday the temperature was 97 degrees!  Today is the same.  WOW, summer came in like a fire torch!   It is very hot and humid out, and I’ve been enjoying this lovely pool here at the Hagerstown KOA to the max!

Working at the mall is a great relief, the air conditioning is turned up full blast and I have to wear a sweater. Crazy, don’t you think?

Tomorrow is going to be a much nicer day, warm and sunny but the  temperature will be in the mid 90's  and the humidity will go down a bit. I can live with that. 

The worst part about this heat, is the chance of severe thunderstorms with strong winds, heavy rain, lighting and hail.  These severe storm warnings are always something that I could live without.

TC, Jodie and I are inside in the air conditioning watching movies and cooking a pork roast, it’s too hot to cook outside. Lily the cat is outside looking for an adventure, she will be in soon, as she doesn't like this heat either. 

It's so hot out, 
the potatoes here at the campground are cooking underground and all we have to do, is walk out to the garden,
  pull some out, add a little butter, sour cream, salt and pepper and we will have them with our pork roast. Yummy, don't you think?
It seems to me there's always something to talk about regarding the weather.  
Thanks for reading, life is good........

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