Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Open Wide!

I have the day off from both jobs today. 
Today is also the day I had to go to the dentist to get my root canal.  I would do almost anything to get a day off from both jobs, but getting a root canal is not one of them.  Getting a root canal is not that bad. The worst thing about this procedure is keeping your mouth open for such a long time and the astronomical price!  This root canal would have cost me over a thousand dollars without dental insurance.  I have part-time insurance with my job in the mall.  With the help of the insurance, I still had to pay close to $400.00.  Four hundred dollars is still a big chunk for me, and will set us back a bit.

Our nice pleasant weather has changed into hot steamy summer days.  I’m hoping the water in the pool will warm up today.  The past few nights have been cool and the pool water isn’t up to 80 degrees.  I would be nice to enjoy the rest of the day off sitting by the pool and going for a swim.
The pictures above are taken here at the campground. We have so many beautiful flower gardens in our campground, it’s like living in paradise.  Actually, our campground is a garden!
Serious Cavities
Thanks for reading life is good.....


Judy and Emma said...

Being parked in the same place so long, I'm curious as to whether or not you periodically take the motorhome for a drive?

I think root canals are very unpleasant. :(

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Love the last picture,I bet thats the way it felt to you.

Gail Durham said...

Judy, the economy is pathetic right now, it doesn't pay us to to move the motor home or travel far......

Bob said...

I was shocked at how much it was for a root canal when I had one done back in ....well, a few years back. 2003?
Doesn't matter.

It was over a thousand bucks.
I was in pain, so even paying the full shot would have been fine with me. Pain in a good motivator.

Thankfully I got all the money back from our insurance.