Saturday, June 23, 2012

Never A Dull Moment In The TrailerHood!

Life in the TrailerHood is always interesting. 

Here at the campground we have a few “monthly sites”.  People who are traveling for work and living in their RV’s like to rent these monthly sites. The site beside us is a monthly site.

We have had the same neighbors since this past fall.  As always our neighbors come and go, Von and Mary Beth are from Louisiana. They are living in their fifth wheeler while Von works from state to state.

They are leaving on Monday to go to the next job.  We will miss them, as they have been wonderful neighbors.  Mary Beth is a wonderful cook and has shared some of her delicious  meals with us numerous of times.

They have a beautiful Blue Merle Cardigan with bright blue eyes and a bearded dragon with little tiny black eyes.

They call the dog "Jeepers" and the lizard's name is "Sweetie.

Jeepers and Sweetie travel everywhere with Mary Beth and Von. 
I hope our future neighbors are just as nice and as interesting as Von and Mary Beth.
Mary Beth
Living here at the campground is a great place to live, I get to meet all kinds of wonderful and interesting people.
Isn’t life great?
Draco Blowing Smoke Heart

Thanks for reading, life is good..........

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