Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ha Choo!

The weather here has been great.  Spring has sprung very early, and the pollen is really taking a toll on most of us.  We had the windows open yesterday and last night and I loved it.  Today after much sneezing and wheezing, we had to close the windows and turn on the AC.

I hate to do close everything up, but we had to. Maybe after a rain shower or two the pollen will calm down a bit.

Today is going to be a record breaker, the temperature soaring it the mid 80’s.  WOW 85 degrees in March.  I’m loving it.

We are thinking about getting our summer clothes out and putting the winter ones away. I hope it’s not too early.  I looked at the weather for the next 8 days and the temperature is going to be in the mid 70’s.  I guess if we get some colder weather, we will just have  grin and bear it.
mini daf
  I love these Mini Daffodils, they are blooming all over the campground.

We have been busy here at the campground getting ready to open in a week. I love this place and I’m so excited about the 2012 season.
thanks for reading, life is good.......

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