Friday, January 27, 2012

Mother Nature Is Amazing!

After all of that rain, Mother Nature is providing us with some strong gusty winds to dry everything up.  It sure gets muddy here with all of  that rain and melting snow.  This wind has been screaming at us all day. 

TC always says that the wind is nature's way to do some necessary pruning.  A lot of pruning is going on today.

Jodie and I took the camera and went out for a walk. Jodie has much fun chasing the geese back into the creek. Those geese sure do squawk when Jodie runs them off!

After our big adventure,  Jodie had to come back and get a shower. She is all showered, dried and brushed.  She has to be clean and smell like a clean dog, not the muddy creek to sleep in our house! 
Whew, I'm exhausted,.....

TC and I were going to meet up with some friends for pizza tonight, but TC is a little bit under the weather, so we had to cancel.  I think he has some kind of a  stomach flu or bug.  After a good night sleep, he should back to his old self!

We will stay home and I will make him some soup.

Pizza sure sounds good though……
Thanks for reading, life is good..........


Donna K said...

Love that picture of Jodie...nice, clean beautiful doggie.

Michael and Dee said...

I know how Jodie feels. I am ready to pass out in my bed tonight, having been awake most of last night. Nice pictures.

Mike and Dee