Thursday, December 22, 2011

Go Get A Box Of Cracker Jacks!

“Hi, I want a 2 carat diamond ring made with 14 carat gold. I only want to spend $150.00, what do you have to show me”?

Yep,  you got it,  I should have said “go get a box of cracker jacks and see what the prize is”. I did not say that, although it crossed my mind.

I did show him some things, and he ended up buying a silver ring with a cubic zirconia. He seemed very happy with his choice.

Right now the price of gold is $1,131.00 per troy ounce. I don’t know what a troy ounce is, but gold is very expensive.

“Hi, I’ve been standing in line for over 3 minutes, do you know why this store is so busy”?

Good grief, do they know what day this is?  Hello, it is the 22nd  of December!

“Whew, the parking lot is so packed, I wonder why”?

Once again, do they know what time of year this is?
I do,

♪♫•*¨*it’s the most wonderful time of the year*¨*•♫♪

Only two more days~~~~
Thanks for reading, life is good.............


~~Sue B~~ said...

cheers to you and people and who work retail..god bless you!!!

Donna K said...

HO HO HO...'tis the season!! Have you ever heard of that song "Here's Your sign" by Bill Engvall? You can find it on You Tube... hilarious.