Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Past

We had a very nice Christmas.  We had Christmas at moms house and everyone had a wonderful time, great food, good wine and lots of laughs. We had some fun Christmas trivia, played the Chinese Christmas gift game, talked about Christmas past and made  Christmas memories to share in the future.

Sarah, Robbie, Michelle and Melissa

The day after Christmas I had to get up bright and early (with the chickens)  to go to work at the mall. 
All of the shoppers were anxious to spend their gift cards, return gifts that they didn’t care for and shop the after Christmas bargins.


I have today off and it’s going to be a nasty windy day with lots of rain.
It looks like a great day to stay inside and read my nook. 
I need a quiet day to rest and relax, this is the weather to do that.
chirstmas dinner
Sharing Christmas memories at the dinner table
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Thanks for reading, life is good............


JOJO said...

Merry Christmas past to you and yours. As I read I thought OH BOY the day after Christmas returns. lol never gave a thought to the gift card buying. Glad you got through it all and then had a rainy cold day off to spend reading.

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