Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's Still Raining!

The remnants of Tropical Storm Lee sure did put a damper on things!

Yep, it's still raining, but I can't complain. There are so many people on the east coast that are having terrible  problems with severe flooding. The Susquehanna River has parts of Pennsylvania under water.

 We were on the slow side here at the campground due to the weather and the fact that it's September. September is usually a slow month. With schools open and vacations over, most of our campers have decided to stay home. 

The shoppers must have decided to stay home also, the mall was a little on the slow side. 

 October is coming and every weekend is booked. October is a very popular month, every weekend is Halloween!
 Creekside Manor is the main attraction here at the campground. This haunted house will scare the socks off of you!

Thanks for reading, life is good............


squawmama said...

We had a lot of rain from Lee to but no where near what some got!!!
Stay safe

Rick and Paulette said...

I saw a number on the amount of rain that had fallen and it said it would fill Yankee Stadium about 59 times! It was in the trillions of gallons. Pretty amazing.