Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet!

Wowza! We had an earthquake. I was sitting on the sofa early this afternoon and suddenly I felt the motor home shaking from side to side. It felt like some big giant was outside rocking the motor home back and forth. I went up to the campstore and Sherri my co-worker said "did you feel that?"  I knew then that I had felt my first earthquake.

The magnitude 5.9 quake was centered some 90 miles from the nation's capital.
Hundreds of thousands of people evacuated buildings after the earthquake. The White House and Capitol were among the areas evacuated. All memorials and monuments on the National Mall were evacuated and closed.

The earthquake was also felt as far south as Chapel Hill, N.C. No tsunami warning was issued, but air and train traffic was disrupted across the Northeast and mid-Atlantic.

Everyone is fine and we had no damage. We are just a little bit shaken.

Thanks for reading, life is good..............


squawmama said...

Very Scary!!!!
Stay safe

Margie and Roger said...

We are 70 miles from the epicenter - we thought it was the washer/dryer shaking! The automatic awning went in and that was weird. Sounds like it could have been a whole lot worse. Glad you are OK.

Malone said...

Glad you are safe, was wondering who in blogland might have been in that area.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Glad there was no damage. There is a first I am sure you do not want to repeat!

Merikay said...

In 1989 we had a 7.+ quake here. Everything broke! We did not have any "major" structural damage, but the estimate by the insurance adjustor was $80,000 in damage. Note it was 1989, can you imagine what the $$ would be today?

Somethings were never fixed. We had a $50,000 deductable, so only $30,000 was covered.

Earthquakes are scary.