Friday, May 28, 2010

The Craziness Begins!

Today starts the Holiday Weekend! We have a ton of people coming in this evening. People are already making me crazy. (if you thought I was crazy to start with, wait until Monday) Yesterday I had all kinds of nutty phone calls. Some people want to cancel their reservation and get their deposit back. I have to tell them they will lose their deposit and they get real upset. Don't they read the confirmation when they make the reservation? It is right there in black and white. All in all most people are a pleasure to do business with. I'm praying the weather will be nice to us, they are calling for some thunder storms. Perhaps the storms will fly right by us. We are still trying to dry out from the flooding we had a few days ago.
Crazy, lazy, hot, summer days are here..............

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Margie M. said...

Glad to read your knee is feeling better. I hope this holiday weekend is problem free for all of you at that campground!