Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Talk about a busy weekend, whew I need a break! First of all, we are very short handed. The other workamping couple had to leave and go to Ohio, there was a death in the family. One of the part - time employees came down with something and couldn't come to work, that made for tons of extra hours for us. To top it all off, the "KOA Kampsite" computer system went all wacky! That made for all kinds of problems.

Friday night the diner was open and we had a family movie with popcorn. Saturday, the diner was open for breakfast and dinner. We had wine glass painting in the craft room, a silent auction to benefit the KOA Care Camps, and art and crafts in the craft room to make your own visor. Saturday evening we had DJ Mike with lots of fun and trivia, to top it all off we had a hay wagon ride and the "Belly Up To The Bar " for floats, splits, malts and sundaes. The favorite sundae here is the "to die for brownie sundae"!

Today we are having a Holiday Scavenger Hunt and a family movie at the theater in the woods. We are having another round of painting your own wine glass in the craft room, everyone really loved doing that!

So far, Mother Nature has been nice to us, we have had hot, dry sunny days. Tomorrow, Memorial Day everyone leaves. It will be time to get ready to the "20 group". They are coming in on Tuesday!

Hurry up Wednesday and Thursday (our days off this week). I think I need a nap.


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Sounds like your having fun but a lot of work being short handed..

Just wandering do you get paid for all hours worked?

Gail Durham said...

At this job we are paid for all hours worked, and we don't pay a thing for our campsite. Most jobs, we worked 20 hours a couple (10 hours each) for our campsite and then we were paid for the hours we worked past the 20.