Monday, February 8, 2010


The weather has improved a little. The rain has stopped and the wind is not blowing as hard as it was. My family and friends survived the huge snow storm in Maryland and things are slowly getting back to normal. Maryland is expecting another snow storm this Tuesday. This winter sure is a snowy one for them.

The other day I went to town just to do some sightseeing. I found that most of the shops are closed during the winter. The shops will open for the season. I did find some places open and got to look around. I saw wood carvings, pottery, outdoor garden stuff and lots of yummy treats. I had my camera and took some pictures.

Last night we went to our neighbours for a steak dinner. The food and wine was good and we had a nice time. We watched the Super Bowl when we came home. Yay SANITS!!!!!

I'm still praying for an early spring.

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