Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rock Slides And Falling Trees!

The past few days I've been working in the office alone. Friday morning we had a rock slide just across the street. The crews cleaned it up in no time, no one could get in or out of the campground until it was cleaned up. With all of the rain we have had, there are rock slides everywhere. Yesterday we had some strong winds and heavy rain. With all of the rain and wind we had lots of trees down and lost electric. I had no electric in the office. Without electric I can't use the computer, the phones, the cash register or the credit card machine. It was dark and cold in the office and I panicked a bit before calling the electric company. I called the electric company and talked to a real person, usually you get a machine and have to push all kinds of buttons. Believe it or not the electric company was out here within minutes and the electric was on in no time. I guess living in a small town has it's perks!

It sure is raining a lot. There are flood warnings all over the place. The roads are flooded and the Little River is getting real high.

I'm so worried about my family in Maryland, they are having a huge blizzard. I wish I could be there with them. It sounds like this blizzard will be a record breaker. Thank God I have a phone that works.

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