Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Long Lazy Dreary Days!

The days are long and slow. We are expecting some more winter weather (snow, sleet and freezing rain). I guess that groundhog found his darn shadow. Monday was a sunny warm day, everything thawed and turned into mud. I shouldn't complain, at least we are not having earthquakes, hurricanes or wild fires.

My friends and family in Maryland are being pounded on with snow again. It is suppose to dump another foot or more of snow on them. I miss them and wish I could be there. I'm saying prayers that they will be safe and warm. They have had more snow than most people have seen in their lifetime. I guess there won't be a water shortage this summer!

It has been a long week I'm looking forward to our days off this Friday and Saturday. I did get a few campers in and made tons of reservations for the summer.
I made an appointment for Jodie to go get her nails done on Friday. I didn't tell her yet, she really doesn't like to go and have her nails clipped. She will get over it.
I'm sitting here typing this post thinking about my family and daydreaming that's it's a nice summer day and we are all together!
The picture above: Jodie sure likes to relax on these long, lazy, dreary days! She doesn't have a care in the world.

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