Saturday, February 20, 2010

Is Spring Just Around The Corner?

Jodie and I went out for a walk early this morning and we are starting to hear spring like sounds. The birds were singing and the deer and the antelope were playing. Just joking about the antelope! We did hear a woodpecker drilling into a tree. It is starting to sound a little like spring. The days are starting to get longer. I'm looking forward to daylight savings time.

It is still snowing everyday, but we don't have any on the ground. The snow is strange here, when it falls it looks like it is dancing, just like in a snow globe. This place is good for people who love the snow but don't want to deal with shoveling and treacherous driving. We wake up to covered trees and a dusting every morning. By noon all of the snow is gone. Yesterday the afternoon was sunny and it was almost 60 degrees.

We have some customers here from Hawaii renting a cabin, they have never seen snow. The Hawaii people took a drive up the mountain and said it was like a winter wonderland up there, over 4 feet of snow. I think is so strange that there could be over 4 feet of snow up in the mountain and it's only about 30 minutes from here.

We are off tomorrow and Sunday, I'm planing to go sightseeing in Pigeon Forge and up that mountain to see all of that snow. No pictures today, I will be taking the camera with me when I'm sightseeing.

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