Thursday, February 18, 2010

Appalachian Bear Rescue!

We have a donation jar in our office for the bear rescue. Our customers donate often. The Appalachian Bear Rescue goes out and rescues orphaned bear cubs. Each year, black bears from the national parks and surrounding areas are orphaned, injured or in need of medical attention. When a bear is injured , it is taken to the ABR to receive proper medical treatment before it is returned to the wild. How would you like a job like that?

You can look at the appalachian Bear Rescue by going to :

I did not take that picture above. A camper found this black beauty in the Smoky Mountain National Park. He took a pretty good picture. The bears here are use to humans and the food they leave out. People are always finding them in their yards going through the trash or getting into the bird feeders. We do have a picture in the office of a black bear running in front of one of our cabins. Black bears don't like loud noises like dogs barking. If Jodie ever saw a black bear she would bark and run away (running backwards), she would run very fast!

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