Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rain And Wind!

The past few days have been very bleak. It has been rainy with a lot of wind. We haven't seen much of the sun. We have Sunday and Monday off again this week. I'm praying that the weather will be nice for us on our days off.

We are not that busy here at the campground. I'm working in the office alone and getting use to the new campground software. The managers are actually leaving the campground on their days off. I'm in charge of opening and closing the office. I even have the keys to unlock and lock things up.

I like it here, I think it will be fun in the summer. This campground is real busy for the season. We are just about booked for the holiday weekends. Fall is the biggest season here. Everyone wants to be close to the mountains to see the beautiful fall colors.

We sure could use some sunshine!!! No pictures today, it's just too nasty out!

Happy Birthday Sarah!

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