Monday, January 25, 2010

Not A Happy Camper!

Yesterday was a cold, rainy, miserable day. The amount of rain we are getting is unbelievable. Last night we had thunder storms and lots of wind, today they are calling for snow, thunder and snow? It's weird having thunder in January. I guess you could call me a fair weather camper.

Every time we go to a campground we always ask, "do you have wireless Internet and can we get on the wireless Internet at our campsite". We always get the answer "of course you can". When we spent the month of December in Maryland we asked the same question at least 10 times before we made the reservation, and we were told yes we have Internet and you can get it at your campsite, no problem. We go there and the Internet is not working at all! My relatives own that campground, you would think they would tell me the truth. We always hear, why do campers need the Internet they are suppose to be camping? All of these places advertise that they have "free wireless Internet". They don't tell the truth!

Anyway, the Internet is down here at the Tremont Outdoor Resort. I'm told that it will be fixed soon, can I believe them? Time will tell. When we are looking into "workamping" jobs, we always ask, about our hours, the pay, the Verizon cell phone service, the wireless Internet and the cable TV service. We don't always get honest answers. It is always important to us to be able to keep in touch with our family. I wouldn't have come this far if I knew about the cell phone service. My new cell phone is working OK, not that great and now with the Internet down, I can't use the Magic Jack!

I'm praying that the Internet will be up and working fine, soon.

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