Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter Is Back!

Monday Jodie and I decided to go for a ride. We wanted to go see Cades Cove. We went out of the campground and took a left and found some beautiful mountain roads to travel. It was not the best day to go on a road trip, it was raining off and on, windy and cold. We went from beautiful sunny 60 degree days to temps in the low 30's. Cades Cove is only about 7 miles away. We finally got to Cades Cove just to find out it was closed. Later that night while watching TV, we heard on the news that Cades Cove closed for a few hours in the afternoon because of some trees that fell down during the storm the night before. We also had a tree down here on the campground. We will go back to Cades Cove, it looks like a great place. I did stop to take some pictures along the way.

The Internet is still down here at the campground. I did find the library and they do have Internet. The library doesn't have wireless Internet, so I can't take my laptop. I had to use one of their computers. I was able to check my email, but they have many sites blocked, one of the blocked sites is Facebook. The library is next to one of the schools and I guess they don't like the students to get on Facebook when they are at the library.

One day we will see some sunny days and one day I will have Internet!

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