Thursday, November 19, 2009

Long Slow Days!

The days seem to drag on and and time seems to be going by very slow. It is so quiet here, you could hear a pin drop. After the busy summer with phones ringing off the hook, customers shopping in the camp store, and kids running all over the place, it is quite a change. We are still working at the campground but our hours have been reduced and we now have more time on our hands. I'm trying to make the most of my time, cleaning, organizing and getting ready to move to Maryland. I will miss Natural Bridge VA, and the KOA campground, everyone here is so very nice. I love this area and Lexington, this is a great place to be. We have travelled all over the USA and we and we stay at a lot of nice places. Our favorite places so far are - New Bern NC and Natural Bridge VA. After our month in Maryland, it will be time to move on to discover more wonderful places.

The picture above: this picture was taken yesterday afternoon, the campground was empty, we were the only campers here. We did get a few "snow birds" in for the evening. They will leave first thing this morning.

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