Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Crazy World Of Retail!

I love my job because I work in the jewelry department and I adore jewelry!  I like waiting on customers that love to buy our wonderful jewelry.  Since the Same-sex marriage in Maryland has been legal since January 1, 2013, business has been very interesting. 
I’m not writing this post to get into any debate about how anyone feels about this law, I’m just trying to tell my story about meeting some very interesting people. (I’m friends with people that are and are not for this same-sex-marriage law and feel that everyone has a right to their own options). I just love meeting people in all shapes, sizes and colors!
Anyway, as I said, it is much fun helping couples pick out their rings, I’m having a blast helping them out.

The other day a couple came in for rings, they explained to me that they were getting married in the next 48 hours.  I didn’t ask any questions.  At first I thought the tall dark skin person was a female, but on a closer view I saw the 5 o’clock shadow.  This person was very nicely dressed and had beautiful long black hair pulled back into a ponytail. To make a long story short, they bought identical  rings  and left very happy.
I had off today and my sister and my mom came to visit.  The three of us decided to go and visit the many antique shops in town.  We also went to the Potomac Bead Company.  The Potomac Bead Company is an awesome  place to visit!  Mom my sister and I love to make jewelry! I mostly like to make jewelry with pearls!
some of the beads I've made, some are pearls and some
are glass beads mixed with pearls

After lunch and shopping Mom and Robin went home and I’m back at the apartment writing on this blog of mine.
I think writing on my blog again is going to be fun…….
Thanks for reading, life is good..........

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Jessica Riker said...

I bet you meet people of all kinds in that job for sure!!

Looking forward to hearing your stories again! Welcome back to blogville! :)