Saturday, July 13, 2013

If We Could See The Miracle Of A Single Flower Clearly.........

............. our whole life would change
After living in the motorhome for so many years it's so nice to have some extra room. Even though our apartment is on the small side, 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, I somehow feel like I live in a mansion. 

I now have the room to have some house plants. I've always loved having plants in the house and never had room for them in the motorhome, and now I'm on a roll!
Prayer plant


Ponytail Palm

Hindu Rope Plant

My mom helped me out with the rope plant, the prayer plant and the philodendron. She gave me cuttings of her own plants as a house warming gift.

We have a small patio since we live on the ground floor.  I've had much fun putting potted plants outside.

As you can very well see, I'm having a blast with my new freedom. Living in a motor home was a new found freedom for me at the time. When we were traveling all over the country, it was great but being parked for extended periods of time sure did get old.

That's all for now......
Thanks for reading, life is good..............



Kevin and Ruth said...

Your plants and flowers look beautiful. I have never heard of a Hindu Rope plant before, it's a very interesting looking plant.


The Odd Essay said...

Not sure how I missed it... so am not sure how long you were "on the road". Having been living in our motorhome over 12 years now, (and now we're both over 70 years of age) I think I'm going to have to go back and read how you came to this decision. Sometimes I visualize those potted plants.... but the scale of balance still sways towards the life on the road. I'll keep reading your posts to see how you adjust to the "new" life ;-)