Thursday, July 25, 2013

Getting Ready To Take A Much Needed Vacation!

Soon, I’ll be taking a much needed vacation.  This year my vacation will be at the beach on the Eastern Shore in Maryland. The past few years, I spent vacation time at the campground with my family visiting.  This year I’ll be away from work completely!  No one will be able to call me into work because I’ll be hours away!

Meanwhile, not much is going on here.  TC is getting use to his new phone and seems to be doing fine with it. We both had yesterday off  (Wednesday) and spent the day getting caught up on laundry, cleaning and so on. We cooked a delicious dinner on the grill. Dinner:  Rib eye steaks, and served them up with hand cut baked French fries and a fresh tossed salad with bleu cheese dressing.
The weather has been wonderful. Nice and sunny, low humidly and temperatures in the mid 80”s. Last night it was cool enough to turn the AC off and open the windows.  I slept like a baby, so nice with the windows open.
I will post more details on my upcoming vacation soon…………
Thanks for reading, life is good.........

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