Friday, November 2, 2012

Getting Ready For The Big Move!

Moving out of a home into a motor home is a piece of cake compared to moving out of a motor home into and apartment. 
I remember moving out of out our home into our first motor home.  We sold or gave away everything that we collected over the years. It was sad and heartbreaking, but after it was all done, it felt good.  We have done this kind of moving twice, once from our home in Chestertown MD and once from our home in La Tambora Mexico.

It wasn’t that difficult to sell or give things away. 
We are living in a motor home and all of the furniture is permanent.  The first thing that we will need would be a bed, the second thing would be a couch. These two things I would prefer to buy new.  I worry about bed bugs and fleas. All of the tables, chairs, dressers, and so on that we need can come later. I’m sure it will be much fun shopping at different places for all of these things.

We have the keys to our new apartment as of yesterday. We will take our time as far as moving.  We would like to stay here at the Hagerstown KOA for the remainder of the season (Nov 30).  We will be moving in “baby steps”, a box here and a box there!  With all of this time we have for moving, it looks like I’ll be able to have the kitchen and bathroom ready days before we move in.
The flood waters finally went down  and I was able to go back to work yesterday.  Wow it has been two weeks. The mall is all set up for the holidays with Christmas trees, decorations, stocking stuffers and much, much more.  Thank goodness the “Christmas music” hasn’t started yet, maybe they will wait until after Thanksgiving to start that!
Thanks for reading, life is good.....

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Bob said...

I prefer that kind of a move. No pressure.