Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Good Things Must Come To An End!

We have been living in our motor home for quite some time (over 5 years).  We loved travelling across the country and “workamping”.  We have had the pleasure to see many  cultures and historical landmarks. We had great fun touring the U.S., discovering all this wonderful country of ours has to offer.

After all of the travelling that we have done, we finally found our “little piece of paradise”. We fell in love with the Hagerstown area after being here for a few days (we have been here for 3 years).  We have decided to end our “full time” RV adventure and move into an apartment.  We will eventually sell the motor home and try to buy a small home.

I will miss this life style and all of the different neighbors that we have had. It will seem boring having the same neighbors all of the time.

I will not miss the lack of space and worrying about dumping the tanks.

I’m looking forward to having a dishwasher, right now the dishwasher’s name is Gail! 
I’m also looking forward to having a normal size shower and a bathtub and an extra bedroom! 

I’m sure that I will find all kinds of things I will love and dislike about "turning the page" for the next chapter of my life……..
Thanks for reading, life is good............


Jessica and Harry said...

Congratulations - glad you found the place for you! Have you already found an apartment? I am sure you will still have lots of adventures to share. :)

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

We are happy for you and sad for us.Hope you still keep blogging.

Good Luck!!

Judy and Emma said...

It's also nice that you have family in the area. :)

Bob said...

Change can be good. It's very nice that you've found a place where you like to be. That means a lot. I'm sure you'll find interesting stuff to write about. You've managed quite well up to this point. Good luck.

Happytrails said...

It is such a blessing to find the right place to call home!! Mike and I went through just what you guys are about to do. Yes, you will find things you miss and things you don't miss but all in all it will be an exciting new chapter for you guys!! Wishing you both the very best!!
Please keep in touch with us here on blogland and let us know how things are going!! Love some pics of your new "home."

Happytrails said...

Are you by any chance on Facebook? We keep up with lots of our full-time friends via Facebook!! If you are, please let me know and I'll "friend you." :-)

Gail Durham said...

Yes, I'm on facebook under the name Gail Wardenfelt Durham

The Good Luck Duck said...


I know that day comes for most of us. It's hard for me to imagine it now, but there's a part of me who wants to be "home." I just get bored so fast!

Best of luck!