Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just Give Me Something To Talk About!

I should be saying, “just give me something to blog about!” 

I’ve been very busy working both jobs.  I do get a few days off here and there, but they are planned days of, I’ve haven’t had an unscheduled day off in months. You know, a day where you can do anything you want.   I take days off when I have company or have a family event.  I’m so very blessed to have wonderful jobs that will let me have this time off. Winter is coming and maybe I’ll have a snow day or two.
 On snow days, I cook and eat. Winking smile

Working in the mall is making a lot of great changes and I’m happy to be a part of it. We will soon be opening our new Levi Shops.  We have a new Sephora shop and it has been a great success.

The Hagerstown KOA had a busy weekend and all of our activities were about the Olympics.  We also had wagon rides, family movies at the outdoor theater, magic shows and much more.
The pictures above were taken at the Hagerstown City Park. I went to the park with my Mom and sister when they were here camping with us.  This park is beautiful.  The only thing I don’t like about this park is that they don’t allow dogs. I’m always looking for a nice place to take Jodie and go walking.  This park would be a great place to do that.

With all of these crazy hours I’ve been working, Jodie and I have been doing our walking right here at the campground.  I has been a bit too hot and humid to go out and find great places to walk anyway.  Fall is my favorite time of year and the best time to go out walking and finding new places.

It’s off to work again……
Thanks for reading, life is good, busy but good.............

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