Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hot Fun In The Summer Time!

This past weekend was a huge success!  All of our campers had a wonderful holiday weekend.  The pool was the place to be, we have had some record breaking temperatures and you can cut the humidity with a butter knife.
All of our activities were a hit, especially  the wine and cheese social and  the ice cream social.
DSCF3463 - Copy.
Mother Nature was extremely nice to us and held off on the rain for the most part. We did get a whooper of a storm on Sunday evening.  The sky turned very dark and within seconds, it poured!  It rained so hard our roads looked like little rivers.  Our tent campers got soaked, but they seemed to be OK.

All in all,  our campers were “happy campers”!
DSCF3412 - Copy
Yesterday was the big clean up day.  Most of the campers left and TC ran around like a crazy person, trying to clean up all of the campsites for the next round of campers.

Last night, John and Judi (the campground owners) had a nice steak dinner for all of the campground employees. The food was delicious! John and Judi are great people to work for.

As I said before, this Campground is a little piece of paradise here on earth, and I just love it here!
Isn’t life great?
Thanks for reading, life is good...........

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