Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hookah Lounge!

I’ve been working very long hours at the mall and hadn’t had much time to find interesting things to talk about.

Just when I think I don't have anything to blog about: 

What the heck is a hookah lounge? 
It doesn’t sound legal!

I worked in the drapery department at JC Penney’s today and a few guys came in to ask about one of our valance’s that we sold them.  They were from a different country, and spoke very broken English.  

They told me that they were opening a business here in Hagerstown, and it was a “hooker lounge”.  My eyes opened wide and I said OK, how can I help you?

I couldn’t believe what I heard, “ a hooker lounge” what the heck is that? Is that where hooker’s find time to relax?

They had a paper with them from the fire marshal in order to open their business.  The paper wanted to know if the draperies we sold them had a fire or smoke rating. I wanted to help them, but I’ve never been asked this question before. I looked and called for help and we couldn’t find the answer for them.

After talking to many associates we all figured out it was a Hookah Lounge they were opening. I did not  know what that was until now, but it is not on my bucket list of things to do.

 This is what I found out about Hookah Lounge's:

The first Hookah Lounge in the United States dates back to 2000 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Paymon Raouf, owner of Paymon's Mediterranenan Cafe and Hookah Lounge was the first to use the name and has since set the trend for other Hookah operators. Shisha (flavored tobacco) from a communal hookah or nargile which is placed at each table.

Once established he quickly created the domain name He was the first to incorporate a full service lounge featuring alcohol, food and hookahs with the emphasis on hookah smoking. Although the name hookah lounge was trademarked by Raouf, he allowed others to use the term for their own operations to help in bringing awareness to this cultural phenomenon. Some hookah lounges are business modeled as such from their inception. Others are cafés or other establishments to which the element of hookah smoking was added later. Hookah lounges of all sorts have become popular in parts of Europe and North America in the last decade.

The problem with the fire or smoke rating has never been solved. 
Maybe they will come in when I’m not working!

The weather has been nice but Mr. Winter came back to visit us once again.  We had some frost in the morning the other day and had to run the heat for awhile.
We have some beautiful tulips blooming here at the campground.
Thanks for reading, life is good.............


Happytrails said...

Well I certainly learned something new today!! I will had me going with the "hooker lounge." I had many visualizations going in my mind!! LOL

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