Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Writers Block!

I’ve been so busy working and doing things, I'm finding it hard to find something worthwhile to write about.

Today before going to work,   I had to go to the motor vehicle administration to change my drivers license from South Dakota to a Maryland license.  A trip to the MVA is never something to look forward to.
We used Sioux Falls, South Dakota as our mailing address while we were travelling the USA and while living in Mexico.

We now have the tow car  (our Subaru Baja)  and the new Buick registered in Maryland.  We will deal with our motor home (a Newmar Dutch Star)  at a later date.  We will be still living in the motor home for quite  some time, so for now we are still full-timers

It very easy to move out of a permanent home into a motor home, but doing the opposite seems to be a tad bit harder.  When you move into a motor home,  all of the furniture is there.   When you move into a home or an apartment you can’t take that furniture with you.  YIKES,  it will be awhile until we can make that move.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working and enjoying the freedom of being a two car family. This is a new freedom for us, we have been a one car family for about 9 years!

The weather has been wonderful and I have the next few days off to enjoy it.  Jodie and I will be out and about walking, and taking some pictures. 

We have been very busy here at the The Hagerstown KOA  getting for the 2012 season. I can't wait!  This campground is the best! We absolutely love living here.

More  interesting posts with pictures are coming soon…….
Thanks for reading, life is good..........


squawmama said...

Sometimes it is just hard to find things to post about...

The Good Luck Duck said...

Sorry that I'm not up to speed. Are you guys looking to come in off the road?

The Good Luck Duck

Gail Durham said...

Roxanne, we have been living in our motor home for about 8 years. We are still living in it but haven't moved for awhile. We both still work here at he campground and I have an outside job working at JC Penney's. We are looking for a home and will sell the RV. I want to stay close to family for a change.