Sunday, February 19, 2012

We Are Now A 2 Car Family!

We have been travelling and living in our motor home for over 8 years.  We have also been sharing 1 car for all of these years.  I always felt so bad taking the only car that we have to work, and leave TC here without a car.  When I worked during the holidays and didn’t get home sometimes until after midnight, it worried me that TC didn’t have any transportation. What if I broke down, who would come and save me?

We love our  Subaru Baja, it has been the best little tow car.
 I wanted a sedan. The Subaru Baja doesn't have a trunk and I wanted a car with a trunk.

The other day we went to look for a 2nd car and ended up coming home with a 2005 Buick Century.  
So far this car is perfect for shopping and going back and forth to work.  I love the car, but hate having a car payment!  I have to go and get my drivesr license changed from a SD license to a MD drivers license sometime this week.
My daughter tells me that I bought a grand mom car or an old lady car, something like that.    

After 8 wonderful years of travelling and living in our motor home, our full-time RV living life style is slowly coming to an end.  We found a little peace of Heaven right here in Maryland and will be looking for a more permanent home sometime in the near future.

It has been a great ride so far………
Thanks for reading, life is good......


squawmama said...

All great adventures come to an end only to be able to start a new adventure... Good luck finding a place!

Sue and Doug said...

Ditto what Donna said..when one door closes another opens!!..good luck on the home hunt!!