Friday, February 3, 2012

Shadow? What Shadow?

Yesterday was Groundhog day and that little critter saw his shadow.  That means we are going to have 6 more weeks of winter.  As I said in past posts, this winter hasn’t been all that bad, so bring it on, you silly groundhog!
This Sunday is the big day for some football!  TC is out shopping for snack food.  He is buying some stuff to make nachos.  I’m cooking some corned beef, cabbage and baby red potatoes for tonight's dinner.  We will have enough leftovers to make some yummy Reuben sandwiches for dinner on Super Bowl Sunday. My favorite part of watching the game are the amusing commercials.

The New York Giants and the New England Patriots will be battling it out for the big win. I will be cheering on the New York Giants!  They are both great teams and hopefully the game will be an interesting game to watch.

If anyone out there is going to a big Super Bowl party this Sunday, have a great time but please drive safe and sober.
Thanks for reading, life is good..........

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