Saturday, February 4, 2012

Customer Service!

Working in the retail business can be a hard job sometimes.  It seems no matter how hard you try to please customers not all of them are happy with you.

I had a group of people in today wanting to buy window treatments for a house that they just moved into.  The gentleman warned me that he was not happy shopping for the window treatments (I should have taken that as warning not to wait on him).  I smiled and offered to help them.  They seemed like nice people, they were joking around and we had some laughs together.

I spent over 2 hours with them.  They had some different size windows and we did not have all of the sizes and colors that they liked in the store.  I went to .com  site so I could order these and have them shipped to them.  I placed the order and a few of the items that they wanted were no longer available.

This very humorous friendly  gentleman suddenly turned into a very nasty man and asked to speak to my manager.  I called my supervisor so he could complain to her.  He told her that I had an attitude of a 5 year old.   I should have taken that as a complement, because 5 year old children are beautiful, nice, fun loving, and innocent people.  I did not take it as a complement, because he didn’t mean it as that.  It hurt me very much! 

I do know good customer service, I don't live in a cave.  I do go out and shop and dine and I always recognize great customer service.
I really try to give the best customer service that I can.  I’ve been trained in customer service all of my life. 

 I will shake this off and go back out again to face the retail world.  I will smile and give it my best……….
We did get some snow and rain today.  So far the roads are very passable. 
That silly little groundhog……………
Thanks for reading, life is good...........


Merikay said...

shopping for all the eztras involved in buying a house can be very streeful. To bad he had to be along to make the choices. Sorry he got ugly!

what did he complain about?

Sue B said...

nasty customers are no fun at all!..grumpy old fart!!

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

don't know how you do it -- i'm such a baby i would've cried -- right in front of him & my supervisor! He must be a part of the grumpy 'ole men club!

Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Even though he said it was a compliment you should have said you didn't take it as such. Time someone straightened his track.

It's about time.

Donna K said...

Tell him to ride out on the broom he rode in on...JUST KIDDING...but honestly, you sound like such a nice person and you are always so positive, I just can't imagine you NOT providing the very best in customer service. Some people just kinda enjoy being miserable - and making every one around them just as miserable. Hang in there and hope you get all nice customers on your next day at work.

Jessica and Harry said...

I've seen the same thing happen at the credit union - some people can be miserable when they can't have what they want when they want it. I find it hard to shake stuff like that off sometimes, but it helps to have co-workers who can laugh about it with you.

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

We totally get it!

We have been in the customer service business for a very long time and we finally figured out that no matter what we do there will be times where there are people that are IDIOTS.

We remind ourselves often that it is their problem and not ours as long as we know that we have done a great job. Sometimes it takes all we have to feel alright about it, but we are getting much better at not taking it personally! You just can't fix stupid!

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

From the look of your picture you should have gave him a right and then the left.