Thursday, November 3, 2011

What A Beautiful Day!

Yesterday was a glorious, beautiful day. I had the day off and went to visit my mom in Westminster MD. I had a wonderful drive. The trees are showing their radiant fall colors and the sky was a picture perfect blue. Man oh man what a great place here on earth! We are so blessed. 

Mom and I had a great time shopping at the mall. We met my sister, Robin for lunch. I always have the best time with mom and Robin.

Yesterday evening we were invited to a dinner party. Our hosts were John and Judi, the owners of the campground. John and Judi use to own a restaurant in New Hampshire and they have the diner here at the campground. They are the best cooks! 
They served delicious appetizers, Beef Bourguignon, a wonderful salad, potatoes, peas, toasty bread and chocolate moose for dessert. We had so much fun with our friends, eating good food, drinking tasty wine and having interesting conversation.   
Yum, we left with full happy tummy's.

It's back to work today and I'm already looking forward to my next days off!

Thanks for reading, life is good..........


Donna K said...

Beautiful fall colors in those photos. Sounds like a yummy meal too.

You know what I like about your blog? You always find something to be happy and positive about. You are a ray of sunshine.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

That is a great day off!

Happytrails said...

Beautiful fall pictures!! Glad you had such a nice drive and good time with your mom and sister. :-)
Life is good!!

Rick and Paulette said...

Beautiful fall pictures and glad you had a great day off!