Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh By Gosh By Golly!

People are buying and tempers are flying. A few of our co-workers here in the mall can’t seem to get along. This makes it stressful for all of us during this busy holiday season.

It’s bad enough that we get some nasty shoppers, although most of them are very nice. You would think that all of the employees would work a bit harder to make peace in the work place.

Don’t get me wrong, most of the people I work with are extremely wonderful. I really enjoy going to work and spending time with them.

Oh by gosh by golly, it’s almost Christmastime for goodness sake! Let’s all get along and enjoy life. (OK, maybe I sound a little bit like “Mr. Rogers” here, sorry) 

Now close your eyes and click your heals together three times and say, ”there’s no place like work, there’s no place like work in the mall during the holiday’s”!
  I like to go to work, do my job, make some money, meet interesting people and have a little bit of fun along the way! I usually leave work with a smile on my face. 

I don’t need stress in my life and try to avoid it at all times. Life is a gift and I try to treat it that way each and everyday.
A few nights ago we were sitting out by the campfire and I saw this lovely sunset. I grabbed my camera and took these pictures. Sitting out by the campfire and looking at the beautiful sunset will ease all of the stress right out of you!

What else can I say, life is a wonderful thing……

Thanks for reading, life is good.............


~~Sue and Doug~~ said...

I do believe that a few of your co-workers and some of the customers need to come and sit by the campfire for a while and enjoy the 'sunset'!!..great attitude you have now if only others would follow 'suit'!!!

Janice said...

I love your phrase that "Life is a gift!" I agree. I will try to remember to cherish each day after reading that. Thank you!

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Very well said..

squawmama said...

Why can't we all just get along!!! Hope things get better for you at work!

Margie and Roger said...

Sounds like some co-workers and shoppers need an attitude adjustment. People need to try and keep all that drama and stress out of their lives...and ours!