Sunday, November 13, 2011

It Sure Is Quiet Without The Quacks!

It sure is quiet here without the ducks. I miss them greeting me every time I go outside. I know that I did the best thing for the ducks. They will be happy having their own little pond and lots of shelter.
They went to a place called Little Wonders in Clear Spring MD. I will make plans to go and visit with them in a few weeks.

I think this wildlife rescue works on donations only. I plan to take up a collection for them, for rescuing our ducks. They drove here in their own car with their own cages and gently put the ducks in the cages and took them away. 

I kind of miss those ducks, they were so much fun to chase and
they ran funny, they waddled.....

Black Friday is just a few days away. All of us working at JC Penney’s  will be working a 12 hour shift on the dreaded day. We are allowed to wear nice comfortable tennis shoes as long as they are clean. Thank goodness for small miracles!

I’ve been taking a sneak peak at our sales and door busters for black Friday. We certainly have some good ones!

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving. It seems to me that Thanksgiving is a forgotten holiday in the retail business. We go from Halloween to Christmas. After Valentine’s Day, it will be summer and swimsuits again! (where did Easter go?)
Thanks for reading, life is good................


~~Sue and Doug~~ said...

glad to hear that the ducks have a new home!!..
enjoy the Black Fridy sale!!

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Your going to need a bottle of wine and a good rest after Black Friday..

Anonymous said...

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Happytrails said...

What a wonderful place for the ducks to live! Good deal!!
Good luck on Black will be very tired when that day is done. I think Kenny and Angela had a great idea!!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

We will be as far as possible from any shopping area on Black Friday:)