Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Made It Out Alive!

Black Friday is over!

I went to work yesterday at 2:30 in the morning and worked until 2:45 in the afternoon (is that crazy or what)?. When I pulled into the parking lot at the mall, I was so surprised to see that it was packed. Remember this is 2:30 in the morning!

Some of the customers I waited on yesterday told me that they never went to bed. They went to the stores that opened on Thanksgiving night and shopped the night and day away.

We really did have nice shoppers. After watching the news, about all of the problems and trouble some places had on Black Friday, I feel lucky. I guess the so called sport shoppers take this shopping way too serious! People spraying other shoppers with pepper spray, robbing other shoppers and breaking into cars to steal the gifts. What the heck is wrong with these people? Where is the Christmas spirit?
stressed out
 After coming home, TC had a wonderful campfire going and I enjoyed  sitting out by the fire relaxing with some yummy red wine.

We ordered a great Italian dinner to be delivered so I had no dishes or cooking to do.

I was in bed and sound asleep by 7:00pm and didn’t wake up until 7:30am this morning.

I’m well rested and ready to tackle the retail holiday shopping world! 

Happy shopping folks!
Thanks for reading, life is good.....


Judy and Emma said...

A 12 hour shift in that chaos would be too much for me!

~~Sue and Doug~~ said...

glad you made it out 'alive'!!..Black Friday is almost as crazy as our Boxing Day sales! they are saying that the Canadian retailers want to create their own Black Friday!..geesh!!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Glad it went well. always nice not to have to deal with the crazies:)

Merikay said...

I'm going to try to shop online as much as possible!

Donna K said...

No way would I go out on Black Friday. There's nothing I need that badly and if I do I would rather pay a little more or find it preferred shopping method.

Anonymous said...

The recommendations you discussed here are really useful. It absolutely was such a fun surprise to have that awaiting me after i woke up to find this event. Thank you very much for the tip!

JoJo said...

No black friday for me. I went to a few stores yesterday and it was great they were empty, and the sales girl told me they are still having the same sales.
You are a brave woman. But at least you didn't have the crazy folks in your store.