Tuesday, September 27, 2011

They Walk Among Us!

The other day when I was working at the mall, I had a nice couple shopping for blinds and drapes. They were happy with our selection. They were buying a new house and wanted good quality drapes and blinds for every window.
I was so excited to help them. They seemed like nice people.  I work a commission job and this sale would mean a lot to me. I stayed and hour and a half late to help them. They were buying from the store and ordering on line. I had both orders on both of my computers and showed them the final total. The gentleman was a little bit shocked about the price, I offered him a $20.00 coupon for both orders. These coupons state that it is good for an (one order per customer) order over $80.00. I told him since he was ordering two orders, I could ring one up for him and one up for his wife. That would be using two coupons, pretty good deal wouldn't you think?
He told me that he wanted to break each order up a half of a dozen ways. We are not allowed to to do that. It is against company policy. He asked me to call the manger. I did and the manger told him we could not do that. He told me I was going to lose a great sale because of this. I told him I would rather lose this sale than my job.

On a funny note:
 TC and I were eating lunch today and his cell phone rang a funny tune. He said what "kind of ring is that"? I told him it sounded like he received a text message. TC is not a text messaging kind of a guy. 
I showed him how to view his messages, I went over it several times so he could see how it was done. Finally he did it and his phone showed him the new text message. I said "look TC this is your text message". You know what he did next?
He looked at the text message and put the phone to his ear and said "HELLO". 

Is that funny or what? I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants!
My mom and dad are so funny, dad likes to talk to his text messages
and mom has to cross her legs when she laughs!

Thanks for reading, life is good................


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I am not sure I could be civil to customers like that :(

Sue and Doug said...

funny about the text messages..I had a patient today that pushed the button for the call bell and then stuck it in his ear so he could 'hear when the nurse answered?'

Budd Nash said...

Hmmm. My Android phone will let me speak my text messages and then it sends them as text... maybe TC is actually ahead of the curve?

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

What was that couple's deal -- geezzzz!!! I would've almost wet my pants too -- have a great day!!