Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dogs Laugh, But They Laugh With Their Tails!

 My mom went to the ocean for a few days so TC and I offered our "doggie sitting" service. Last Thursday I went to Westminster to visit my mom and bring Buddy back with me. Mom had Buddy's bags all packed and a list with Buddy's schedule. We kinda stuck to the schedule.  

This dog is fun, I chase him all over the place!

Buddy and Lily really got along, they played like crazy and they just love each other.  

I love you, Jodie

Buddy loves Jodie also. All three animals got along great. Of course, Jodie is jealous anytime I give any other dog or cat any attention at all.   

This Buddy dog is OK, but I'm the top dog here!
 When is he leaving?

Buddy left this morning and the cat is already looking around for him, Jodie is taking a nap. 

We really enjoyed our company. 
I wish I could make "doggie sitting" my career.

Thanks for reading, life is good............


Merikay said...

Is Lily declawed, or is she just that great a cat that she pawed at Buddy without claws? I have had many cats and dogs, but the only ones who would get along like that were brought up together from kitten/puppyhood. Any other cat would be defensive!

All I can say is WOW!

Sue and Doug said...

love the video..so cute! poor Lily wondering where her little 'Buddy' went!!..but I bet Jodie is glad that he is gone!..

Gail said...

Lily is not declawed. She is always gentle and sweet. She sure did love Buddy and is looking for him.

Donna K said...

That was so cute. Love it when animals play together like that.