Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Has Set In With Its Usual Severity!

How hot is it?  
Stick a fork in me and call me done.
Wrap me in tin foil and call me a chicken.. I'm roasting!
It's so hot, today I saw a chicken lay a fried egg!

Don't look at me that way, this is my stick
 Jodie and I took our walk very early this morning, she can't stand this heat. We are expecting some record breaking temperatures today and tomorrow. The temperature is going to be close to 100 degrees. Good thing we have a pool, as I will be spending most of the day in it.  

He he, Jodie looks so stupid with that stick hanging out of her mouth. She is just
going to bury it under mom's pillow.
I'm glad we have  air conditioning in the camp store.
We are able to sit outside after work, but without the campfire. Later this week this heat spell will end and we will have some great weather.

After all of that walking, and burying my stick,
I need a nap....
Thanks for reading, life is good..........


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

We have the heat here also and our dogs look like Jodie,laying in the a/c.

Sue and Doug said...

Hot Dog!!!

Judy and Emma said...

It's 94 in Indiana right now, too. Talk about sweating bullets!

pidge said...

The heat index here in Southern Indiana was 115* at 8:00pm last night. Our air conditioner in the RV is having a hard time even keeping the temperature inside below 80*. Stay safe and cool.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Looks unanimous, we are all hot:)