Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Snowman Is The Perfect Man!

He's very well rounded and comes with his own broom.

I had the day off and had some time to do some thinking (it's always a little scary when I do too much thinking). After last nights episode, I decided there were two things I could have done differently.

Number one:  I should always to carry some cash. Last night I only had 4 dollars in my wallet. The locksmith charges $25.00 dollars for his service. After he unlocked my car I went back into the mall and used my Penney's charge card and bought him a $25.00 gift card. He was extremely happy because he loves to shop in the mall. He told me that he buys clothes for his children there.  I need to make sure to have some cash in my wallet all of the time.

Number two: When starting my car to warm it up, defrost and clean off snow or ice, I should always open the window about half way. I don't know how my car door locked, but if I had the window open, I could have put my arm in and unlocked the door. (thanks Gerry!) 

Jodie checking out the snow
We got about 6 inches of wet heavy snow.  It looked pretty when we first got up, but now it's all slushy and dirty looking. Jodie loves the snow, we did go out for a nice walk. I don't much like snow, but I like the light powdery snow better than this mess.

One of our "Kamping Kabins"
I'm making chicken and cheese enchiladas, Spanish rice and a tossed salad for dinner. After staying home all day today, I'm ready to go out and about tomorrow! We'll see what kind of trouble I can find..... 
Thanks for reading, life is good...............


Kevin and Ruth said...

That Kamping Kabin sure looks cold sitting there.

What time is supper, we love chicken and cheese enchiladas!

Kevin and Ruth

Merikay said...


Happytrails said...

So sorry you had such troubles getting home from work. We all do things like that but glad it all got worked out and you arrived home safely.
Dinner sounds yummy!

Carol K said...

You may get in some trouble with your comment about the snowman being the perfect man. Just saying... :)

pidge said...

You are right about the perfect man. :) Love the picture of Jodie in the snow. Too cute!!