Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hurry Up March!

The Hagerstown Antietam Battle Field campground opens in March. I'm so excited. This is a great place to work and camp. Check out the Hagerstown KOA web site.

beautiful gardens
As you can see in these pictures, we are working at a wonderful campground. We have everything here. We have a heated pool, mini golf, canoe rentals, fishing, arts and crafts, a wonderful diner, magic shows, family movies, entertainment and so much more.

The creek is all covered with snow now, but it won't be long until we can enjoy it again
I love this diner, can't wait until it opens again ~~ yum.......
This is the first time since we started "workamping" that we decided to work at the same campground two seasons in a row. I'm happy that we stayed for the winter and I'm looking forward to the 2011 season! 
Just relaxing
I may have posted some of these pictures in past posts, but I'm tired of snow and snow pictures. This season is going to be a great season. Hurry up Spring!
Thanks for reading, life is good...................


John and Ellen said...

Hang in there, the days are getting longer and spring will be upon us soon. Here in Alabama today, I saw a number of Daffodils, they are my favorite spring flower.


Sue and Doug said...

spring is just around the corner!!! can do it!!!

Kevin and Ruth said...

Will there be campers if there is still snow on the ground?

We worked at the same KOA campground the last two years this year we are headed for Nova Scotia. Not sure where we will stay yet. We will decide when we get there.

Kevin and Ruth said...

This is a breath of fresh air today. I am so sick of the grey, wet, cold and miserable weather we have had for months on end. It's lovely to see cheerful photos which remind us it'll soon be spring. Thank you and now where did I put my summer shorts?

Ronda said...

Hi Gail, I just recently started blogging and I saw you on my husband's blog (eriksrantz). I have enjoyed reading your posts and have just started following you. You're right, life is good! :-)