Tuesday, January 18, 2011

If You Are Going To Walk On Ice, You Might As Well Dance!

Driving home from work last night was a little on the slick side. We had a little sleet before the snow started to fall. It was snowing hard. I could not see the lines on the highway, good thing there wasn't much traffic. I drive on the slow side when the roads are bad and let all of the fools driving fast, just go by me.

the view last night
Jodie was just dying to go outside and play in the snow. This dog loves the cold weather and the snow.  
Come on out and play with me

come on, get off your lazy butt, lets go play in the snow
I went outside and took Jodie for a long walk. Jodie likes to plow the snow with her nose and roll around in the snow like she is on fire or something. She gets real frisky in the snow. 

After an hour in the snow, Jodie is now taking her 4 hour nap. I'm trying to warm up.  
thanks for reading, life is good...................


squawmama said...

Have fun & Travel Safe

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

Best way to warm up....stick the hairdryer under your shirt and turn it on! :) Works for me!!

pidge said...

I think all the dogs with lots of fur love the snow. Both of our big dogs loved it.

Merikay said...

When my dog (a yellow lab) saw snow for the first time she barked at it!

Steve Finnell said...

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Kevin and Ruth said...

Whiskey gets the same way in the snow. She loves to try and make a tunnel by burrowing into the snow. She doesn't like the cold and wind though or the road salt in her paws.

Kevin and Ruth