Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pretty Busy For A Wednesday!

Working in the office/store tonight was busier then I expected. We only had about 6 reservations. I was surprised at how many walk-in's we had. Most of the walk-ins are the"snow birds", just camping for one night. The "snow birds" are starting to travel south for the winter. Most of these "snow birds" don't make reservations, they like to travel until they get tired and just pull in to a campground that is close. Sometimes not making reservations can be a big problem. We had two couples come in tonight with 45 foot motor homes pulling trailers. Now don't you think if you had a rig that big you might want to make a reservation? Not many campgrounds have many sites that will accommodate a rig that big. We have a few sites big enough, but only a few.   Some of our big sites are full hook-up with 50 amp, water, electric and sewer and some of them have just have 30 amp, water and electric (no sewer). All of our sites have cable TV and WiFi.  Some campers have a problem camping in a site for one night without sewer and some campers have a problem camping one night without 50 amps. You don't need 50 amps when it is this cool out, you only need 50 amps if you are going to run 2 air conditioners. We stayed for 6 months in Mexico using only 20 amp service and we were fine. We had to use propane for our refrigerator and our hot water heater. We were even able to run one air conditioner. (We are living in a 38 foot Newmar Dutch Star motor home).  Most campers can stay one night without sewer. You don't have to dump your tanks everyday. I guess what I'm trying to say is,  if you want all of the bells and whistles and have a big rig, you might consider making reservations. Whew, I'm glad I got that off my chest!
We are getting ready for the busy weekend. All of our sites are booked for the fun Halloween weekend. This place is a blast on the "spooky" weekends. I love watching the children having fun with all of the activies.
the fall flowers here are beautiful
thanks for reading, life is good...............


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Don't you just love working with some of the public and others are just great.

Sounds like a busy weekend coming up have fun.

pidge said...

Yes, the fall flowers there are beautiful. I don't go anywhere without a reservation. I guess I am a big chicken, but don't like to worry about not finding somewhere to stay. Stay safe.