Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October's Trees Are Flaming Torches Lighting The Way To Winter!

Jodie and I went out walking this morning and we saw the most amazing colors. The sun wasn't out, so the pictures are not as bright as I would like them to be.
We are working this evening and after work we are attending a staff appreciation dinner in the diner. John and Judi are great cooks and we are looking forward to the dinner, company and of course the drinks. 
 We love working at the Hagerstown KOA. The campground is beautiful and the owners are great. We just love this area.  
 I'm glad we made the decision to stay here for the winter. The winter will only last a few months and it will be so nice to spend the holidays with family. Last winter we were in Townsend TN and I thought we would freeze my butt off!  But I didn't, it's still there bigger than ever. Maybe this winter will be a mild one. Time will tell.  

 It was another warm day today. I just love this warm fall weatherI do think this is Indian Summer! The sun did peak out later in the afternoon. We have the windows open here in the office. 

Thanks for reading, life is good..............



pidge said...

Beautiful fall color. My favorite is the single maple leaf. Thanks for sharing.

Rick and Paulette said...

Beautiful trees and colors - I have to go with the maple leaf as well.

Sue and Doug said...

my favourite is the maple leaf too..wonder why?..maybe it is being a Canadian??..say hi to jodi and soupy..from Tucker and Oliver

Cruzin2some said...

Wow! We love the colors of fall. Your pictures were great. Thanks for sharing

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