Monday, September 27, 2010

Smiles Don't Have To Be Saved For A Rainy Day. It's Good To Waste Them!

Soupy went to the veterinarian today.  He is caught up on all of his shots and we will get the results from the feline leukemia test tomorrow. He weighs in at a whopping 2 1/2 pounds. He didn't even weigh a pound when we found him. I hope tomorrows phone call from the veterinarian is good news.
I love my new home
It has been raining all day long.  We really need this rain and I'm glad it's raining during the week. Having rain on the weekends makes our campers "unhappy campers".  It was a slow day in the office today, although we have a large group of tent (about 50) campers in for the night. Most of the tent campers decided to rent a cabin for the night to stay dry. The tent campers are a group of people who bike their way across the country. They were riding their bicycles on the C & O canal today.  They were so wet when they came in.  I can't imagine  riding a bike in the pouring down rain. The laundry is getting a good work-out, the bikers are trying to dry all of those wet clothes.
Thanks for reading, life is good...........

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pidge said...

Hope the kittie's tests come back ok. He is adorable and seems to be right at home. Stay safe.