Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Store Greeter!

We are working long hours this weekend. The other workamping couple asked off this weekend so they could go to Ohio to visit family. We were much busier tonight then we thought we would be. 

Our new store greeter
 We don't have many young folks camping this weekend, we have mostly adults that just want to get away for a quiet time.

Not a very handsome man
As you can see, we are getting the store ready for Halloween.  This guy talks to the customers when they walk in the door, most of the campers really seem to like it. I feel like I'm always being watched! 

Look I have my own car!
 We lifted the fire ban, but we are telling all of the campers to make only small fires and to make sure they put their fires out before going to bed. It is still very dry out but the wind has died down some. It's no fun to camp without a campfire.

The stink bugs are still a big problem, we had one couple move from one cabin to another one because the first one had so many stink bugs in it. Nothing we do seems to get rid of them.  We sprayed and bombed the cabin, it killed the ones that were in there, but more bugs kept coming in. Someone out there will make a fortune if they find a way to get rid of them. 

Not much more to say tonight, I will talk to you in a day or two. Thanks for reading, life is good.....


Happytrails said...

Hope you have a really great weekend!!

MIke & Gerri (happytrails)

Kathy and Robert said...

Your store greeter looks real...hum..kinda like an uncle of mine! You sure that isn't my uncle Charlie? Have a wonderful weekend. K

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

The greeter looks like a nice fellow. Have a great weekend.

Rick and Paulette said...

That is one creepy looking greeter!

Sue and Doug said...

you new 'greeter' is a handsome fellow!!!

Judy and Emma said...

Sorry you're having such a stinky time! :)