Thursday, September 9, 2010

Flu Shots!

The other day when we went shopping we saw that Walmart had a nurse all set up to give out flu shots.  The flu shots were $25.00 for self pay. TC has Medicare and his shot was covered. This year you only need one shot that will take care of the seasonal flu  and the swine flu.  We figured we better be safe and go ahead and get them. Having the flu is no picnic.

This new feeder is making me mad!
The new bird feeder seems to be working. The squirrels are trying real hard to get that seed. The only problem  with the squirrels trying so hard, the birds never have a chance to get to the seed. Hopefully the stupid squirrel will give up.

 I spent most of the evening working in the store putting Halloween stuff out. We go way out for the spooky holiday. Some of the stuff is cute and some of it is kinda creepy.  We are pretty much booked every weekend in October. People love to go camping in the beautiful fall weather. 

 Thanks for reading, life is good..............

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Sue and Doug said...

dang squirrel..I always loved going camping the fall!!..the changing sky...and the crunchy leaves! favourite time of year!!